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These pages showcase some of the clothing I have made for myself and my lord in the SCA. To reduce the number of images per page, I have separated the clothing by garment type.

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14th and 15th c. Gowns (this page)



Italian Renn

Red Kirtle

This dress is make from red jacquard, typical of dresses worn in England/France in the late 1300s/early 1400s. The material is a poly-cotton blend, but I fell so in love with the pattern I had to use it. The jacquard pattern is scrolling vines/leaves, similar to borders in period illuminations. The pattern is visible in the large pictures (use the links below).

The dress has a deep scoop neck, with 18 buttons down the front. White tippets are attached to the upper arms. The dress is worn with a self-supporting kirtle, which laces up the front, providing support without the need for modern undergarments.

More pictures:
A larger version of the image to the left
Another image of me wearing the dress
Yet another image of me wearing the dress
Full Dress (Small)
Full Dress (Large)
Top of Dress (Small)
Top of Dress (Large)

Sideless Surcote

This dress based off the funeral effigy of Jeanne de la Bourbonne(?), late 14th century. The top of the dress is made from dark brown fake fur. The skirt of the dress is embroidered with gold and silver metallic threads.

A gown like this would typically have been worn with a close fitting undergown, showing off the figure. Looking through the sides of the surcote, one could enter into the "Gates of Hell"

The undergown shown in the pictures was an experiment. I have heard that block printing is period, (on clothes, I don't know) I painted on the dress, but used a stencil instead. I think the dress makes good camping garb, but isn't really fancy enough for the surcote.

More pictures:
Full Dress (Large)
Close-up of skirts (Small)
Close-up of skirts (Large)

Silk Cotehardie

This dress is similar to the Red Cotehardie, above. The tippets on this dress are integral (part of the sleeve). The overdress is made of turquoise/black shot silk jacquard, with gold metallic highlights. The fabric is too thin for the style of dress, (fixing that is on my list of things to do!)

The underdress is a horrid rayon blend that had a very interesting pattern; it is a neat variation on the plain solid colors my garb always seems to be.

More pictures:
Full Dress (Large)
Close-up of skirts (Small)
Close-up of skirts (Large)